The Importance of Coaching

The Importance of Coaching

The off season is a unique time. It's a time to reflect on your previous year skiing and a time to think about the season ahead. Whether you’re a competitive skier or not you may have thought of getting some professional coaching at some point.  Getting even a few sets of coaching will get you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to push yourself in ways that you wouldn’t think of on your own. The off season is a perfect time to step out and go get some coaching. With a majority of coaches in Florida and the tameness of Florida Winters it really is a winning combination. Coaching can be good for your skiing due to a number of factors. 

It is easy to get in a comfortable groove with your skiing and become complacent with your skill level. When you get coaching it is inevitable that you will be out of your comfort zone at some point, between being at a different lake, using a different boat and having a new set of eyes watching you it puts you outside your normal comfort level.  Being out of this comfort zone allows you to think about your skiing different than you have in the past. It really allows you to be evaluated and challenge yourself to keep pushing to get better and learn what you can do to become a better skier.  

The fresh pair of eyes that you have on your skiing will catch those little mistakes you didn't even realize you were making and it will also give you a new perspective or theory to think about with your skiing.  It's easy to read blog posts or watch videos but the difference between that and actually getting down to a good coach is huge. Another aspect that can be extremely impactful is to bring your ski crew down together. You can ride in the boat for each other and listen to the coaching and pick up on things to take back and help each other with all season long. 

One more fun thing about getting down to get coaching is watching others ski and meeting new friends. You never know who will be there at the same time as you and this can be exciting. You may get to watch some incredible skiing that pushes you to get better and you may meet someone that skis in the same area as you. My favorite part of skiing is the community and I've always found it fun to ski with a lot of people I've never met before. 

Each of these factors all come together to benefit you and make you push yourself to be a better skier.  Who doesn’t try to ski a little better or a little harder when someone new is watching? So get out this off season and get some professional coaching. I'd love to have you come ski with me! 

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Over the last year some of the most fun we've had has been filming these fun videos. This past week I've been going through a lot of the footage and it's reminded of the good times in 2014. Here's some left over clips from last summer to enjoy and make you look forward to a lot of fun Minute Mondays that will be heading your way over the rest of 2015!

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